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November 14, 2021
By RD, missionary to a closed country

This is the message...that people all across this writhing world need most to hear and believe.

It’s not the first time (nor, barring the Lord’s return, will it be the last) that upheaval, chaos, unrest and almost debilitating uncertainty appear to be the dominant international themes. The case can probably be made that this is actually the normal state of this world’s affairs… though it does tend to flare up from time to time.

The Psalmist (possibly David), once made a similar observation… “Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?” he wondered (Ps. 2:1). But while posing this question, his perspective was grounded on a greater and grander truth. He saw – correctly – that over all the raging, chaos, and upheaval among all the nations, sat One “in the heavens” who essentially guffaws in “derision” at these earthly powers and all their best-laid plans (vs. 4). He has installed His own King and none of His purposes or plans will go awry (vss. 6-9). The real story and the good news is that the Father is in the process of giving “the nations” and “the ends of the earth” to His Son, the King, as His “heritage” and “possession” (vs. 8). In light of this, the “wise” course of action is to “serve the LORD with fear (reverence),” “rejoice” and “take refuge in Him” (vss. 10-12). That’s remarkable advice… Godly fear with deep joy while trusting fully in God’s King – what a combination! The alternative is to face the King’s “rod of iron” and “wrath” (Ps. 2:9,12).

There’s no better message for this world in its current state. This is, in essence, the message of the Gospel. God rules over all; He has established His Son Jesus as King through His coming to earth as a baby, living a perfect, sinless life as a man, dying a substitutionary and sacrificial death, rising again as Savior and Conqueror of sin, evil, Satan and death and ascending to His rightful throne at the right hand of the Father. It remains ours, as the Psalmist points out, to trust in Him fully with holy fear and unspeakable joy. Those who do this can, with David, confidently say, “He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken” Ps. 62:6.

This is the message – both the truth and the balm – that people all across this writhing world need most to hear and believe. Please continue to pray for this message to be heralded across the earth – especially in times and places like these.