Using Your Gifts at East White Oak


VolunTour typically meets in the Connections Room at 9:00 & 10:30 on the fifth Sunday of the month (4 times per year). However, right now we are scheduling VolunTour on an individual basis. Please fill out a Connection Card and let us know you are interested in the comments section! We will contact you with more information.

Did you know that God has blessed each of us with unique spiritual gifts so we might serve Him and others? Are you ready to explore how God could use you? Come and see where, and how, you might best utilize your gifts at East White Oak. We’ll provide you with some tools (Spiritual Gift Inventory, Ministry Opportunities, Personal Assessment Questionnaire) to help you make a thoughtful and prayerful decision.

Connection Card


Here is a sample of just a few volunteer opportunities you’ll learn about at VolunTour!

Working in the Kitchen
Working in the Nursery
Working on the Media/Tech Team