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Two nurseries are staffed with loving volunteers during the Sunday morning worship service (9:00 AM) to provide safe, individualized care for the youngest “acorns” at East White Oak. All nursery supervisors and volunteers have been screened and approved to care for the children. Each nursery staff member is required to wear a covering over his or her nose and mouth. Sanitizing and distancing is a priority. To minimize exposure to any contagion each infant is assigned to a particular nursery staff member. Children are not held or touched by multiple nursery staff.

Nursery 1 (Infants)

Infants aged 4 weeks to approximately 12 months (or until the child is walking well) are cared for in Nursery 1 which is located in Room 120. There is a ratio of 1 adult to every 2 infants to help ensure that the babies have as much individualized attention and care as possible. Nursery 1 contains age appropriate toys, swings and plenty of rocking chairs to love and comfort your child! A sleep and nursing room is also located in Nursery 1.

Nursery 2 (Walkers)

Little ones on the move need their own special place to spend time being loved and cared for by followers of Christ. Nursery 2 is for walkers aged approximately 1 to 2 years old (ably walking children until they are of the age to move to the next level of programming). The care ratio is one adult to every 4 children. Located in Room 117, lots of age appropriate toys can be found in Nursery 2 and there is usually a small snack served.

Drop off/Pick up Procedures

In order to use the nursery, a space must be reserved in advance. The reservation form is posted on the church’s website.  Your reservation confirmation email will include a link to a Health Self-Certification form. Please print this form out at home and complete it no more than 24 hours before your visit to the nursery. When you arrive, stop at a Child Check-In Kiosk.  A children’s ministry staff member will help you get checked in.  Once check-in is completed you will receive an adhesive name tag for your child and a corresponding pick-up tag for you.  Place the name tag on your child’s back.  When greeted by a nursery supervisor please provide him or her with your completed Health Self-Certification Form.  Your child will enter the nursery by being handed over the nursery counter.  For pick-up, return to the nursery and present with supervisor with your pick-up tag.