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Gather Event

Designed to help us know one another better


Gather is offered periodically throughout the year. We provide supper with plenty of time for conversation, along with a devotion! Suggested donation $5. Gather is designed to help women at East White Oak know one another better—invite friends or neighbors to join you for fellowship and encouragement.

Our next event is scheduled for Tuesday, September 26, 2023.

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2023 Fall Bible Studies

Women who want to be worshipers maturing in Christ must be rooted in Scripture. This fall Women’s Ministry is offering several Bible studies. Which one might expand your understanding of the Lord? Which one might draw you into a deeper relationship with Him?

The Life of David – A Man After God’s Own Heart: 2 Samuel / 1 Chronicles

Precept Upon Precept Bible Study
8 Weeks. Thursdays, September 7 – October 26, at either 9:30 am or 7:00 pm

Watch a “man after God’s own heart” ascend to the throne, then descend into sin.  See how a covenant keeping God turns a man from the worst sins to a victorious finish. By Zoom only. Register by September 3.

ESV or NASB Precept Upon Precept Workbooks $18.
ESV or NASB In and Out Workbooks (less homework) $14.
Questions?  Contact Lynny Wegman at [email protected] or 309-824-6598.


God’s Love Through You:  A Guide to 1 John

Stonecroft Bible Study
8  Weeks. Thursday mornings, September 21–November 9, 9:00 – 11:00 AM in Room 172.

Do you want to know what God’s love is like? The apostle John answers it simply: look at Jesus. Come to know the Jesus John saw, lived with, and came to know—the Son of God Himself, the living, human expression of God the Father’s love. Questions? Contact Tonya Southwood at [email protected] or 309-287-4542. Register by September 3.


Effective Parenting in a Defective World

A study by Chip Ingram
8 Weeks. Wednesday mornings September 20–November 8, 9:00 – 11:00 am, Room 172.

Raising children is a challenge in today’s world. Peers and pop culture exert never-ending pressure on kids. Every day they are bombarded with the pressures and influences of drugs, sex, and violence. Often, parents feel helpless when the corrupt principles of this defective world seem to contradict every godly principle they try to instill in their children, but the good news is that God has a plan for effectively raising children and you can learn it! In this series you will: learn universally applicable principles, apply practical lessons about discipline, and understand and implement simple biblical truths. Questions? Contact Jennifer Huettemann at 309-531-3227. Register by September 3.

Beginning in November!

Living Victoriously in Difficult Times

A NO HOMEWORK study by Kay Arthur
6 weeks, Thursdays, November 2–December 14, at either 9:30 am or 7:00 pm

In this study you’ll examine what the Bible says about suffering and why God allows it. Through the stories of many who persevered through times of testing, along with hope-filled verses, you’ll discover how to find joy even when life seems unfair.  You’ll also learn how to glorify God and walk in His strength, no matter what comes your way! By Zoom only. Register by October 22.

Questions?  Contact Lynny Wegman at [email protected] or 309-824-6598.