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There is a depth of “knowing” only achievable in smaller gatherings.  Life can get messy and being authentic and open about our messes is usually reserved for only our closest relationships.  Sharing the joys, struggles and sorrows of life with other believers should be the experience of every Christ-follower.

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Are you looking for a way to stay connected during this unique season? We are starting up new small groups. Please fill out the Small Group Interest Form and we will contact you soon!

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When Do Small Groups Meet?

Typically, most of our small groups meet in homes in the area. Groups meet on various evenings throughout the week, usually from 6:30-8:30 twice a month. Each group determines its own location and time to meet. We are currently creating numerous in-person small groups if you are currently not in one and want to sign up now.

Small Groups Studying Placed for a Purpose

Check out this wonderful Small Group book study called Placed with a Purpose.

Many of us don’t know our neighbors. If we do know them, we aren’t sure how to grow the relationship or talk about our faith with them. The purpose of this study is to provide a theologically rich framework for neighboring that helps people live missionally where God has placed them.

We seek to provide a sustainable vision for the “low and slow” lifestyle of neighboring and supply practical tools that help people invest in their communities, value each step in the process, and build meaningful, gospel-motivated relationships with their fellow image-bearers right next door.

Each of the six lessons is followed by a discussion guide with the purpose of the discussion, a chapter refresher, discussion questions and a neighboring prayer for the week.

Small Group Resources

Check out these Small Group Resources (and many more!) available for you to use in your Small Group. Contact [email protected] to reserve yours today.

Small Group Resources

Small Group Leaders Needed

Do you have the heart to be a Small Group Leader? Fill out the Small Group Leader Interest Form, and Pastor Justin will contact you to talk through the possibilities.

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