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April 27, 2023 / by Jamie Somers

I’ll never forget a story my mother-in-law, Ruth, told me about coming home from the hospital with her newborn baby.

Before she could set the car seat down, her husband plopped down on the couch and asked, “What’s for dinner, Babe?” He was a notorious jokester!

Sometimes getting dinner on the table can feel especially difficult. When our first baby arrived, before I could even begin to think of how I might cut up an onion while holding a newborn, people started showing up at our doorstep with delicious meals. We were so touched and thankful to be served in this way.

My husband and I wanted to provide this same blessing to others. For the past several years, we always eagerly check the weekly e-bulletin to see if any babies have been born. Most of the time we’re able to connect with the moms to ask if getting a meal or starting a meal train (a handy way to organize multiple meals for a person or family) would help, and just about every time it works out. It is a pleasure being able to serve in this way, because we’ve been there and know what a sweet gift it is to have dinner taken care of.

We’ve found it isn’t just families who are welcoming babies who could use a meal. Sometimes it’s someone who has had surgery, is sick, or is going through a difficult or particularly busy time. A gift card to their favorite restaurant is also a great way to help. Taking care of dinner can be such a practical way to serve others, because no matter what’s going on in life, we all need to eat!

Providing practical help to those in our church who need it is a blessing– both to those serving and to those being served. Did you know that East White Oak has formed an official group to facilitate serving our church family in practical ways? We call this team “Helping Hands”. Contact the church office if you would like to be part of the group!

Jamie and her husband Michael, have been attending East White Oak since they moved to Hudson 6 years ago. They live just down the road from church with Grandma Ruth (Amma) and their daughters (Eleanor, Atalie, Alette, Audrey, and sweet baby Somers on the way). Jamie is a homeschooling homemaker with a penchant for a nice cup of hot cocoa and is excited to be one of East White Oak’s Helping Hands!