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April 27, 2023 / by Amanda Andris

How well do you know those you sit beside in your Adult Bible Fellowship?

Do you know what they do for a living, their hobbies & interests, how each couple met, their kids, etc.? In Fellowship 13, we participate in something called “Supper Six” to share the parts of our lives we don’t hear about every Sunday morning.

Supper Six typically has 3-4 couples who meet once a month for a meal, typically supper. Each month, one couple hosts and provides the main course while the other couples bring along sides and dessert. After those 3 or 4 months, you switch up groups and get to know new couples! Fellowship 13 has been participating in Supper Six off and on for many years now and it is always something that we come back to. The casual atmosphere around someone’s dinner table allows for more lighthearted and spontaneous discussion. And you’re doing all this over a fabulous meal (shoutout to Abigail Jones’ petal bread)!

I have been setting up Supper Six groups for Fellowship 13 since last fall and it is an incredibly easy, yet rewarding way to serve. The time I spend putting together new groups each round is very minimal. And the time spent in fellowship with other believers is time well spent. I walk away from each Supper Six having learned something new about those I sit beside each week. I love to see how much of a blessing it has been to those who participate.

I think everyone has a part in building a faith-nurturing community in ABFs and I’m happy to serve in this small way in my ABF.

Amanda is married to Ryan and spends her days with their four children, twins Landon & Leighton (6), Rowen (4), and Austin (1). She serves in the East White Oak nursery, and helps with summer Children’s Ministry. For fun, you’ll find Amanda reading, cheering on the St. Louis Cardinals, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.