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August 31, 2021
Pastor Justin Waples

The theme of the May 2021 Oak Leaf was “Rooted in Scripture”, one of East White Oak’s Vital Signs. Our Vital Signs are key identifiers of the health of our ministries that apply both corporately and personally to our church body.

Being Rooted in Scripture means we have an unflinching commitment to the Word of God and have roots that are the foundation of spiritual health both personally and corporately as a church body. Our last survey yielded 22 individual results and reflects not a standard by which to measure your own spiritual vitality, but rather a look into the lives of others within the body and their practices. Check out all the results from this last survey below to see the unique ways we each study God’s Word as individuals. Be encouraged that this survey is helping our church leaders consider how we may best serve the Church as we’re seeking to be worshipers maturing in Christ!

Survey Results

How much importance do you place on being Rooted in Scripture through Bible reading and study? (choose one)

83%  = Great Importance
8%  = Moderate importance
8%  = Some importance
0% = Little or no importance

Please indicate your preference for your personal Bible study times:

75% = Mornings
20% = Evenings
4% = Afternoons

Please indicate how much time you typically spend each day in Bible study:

42% = 30 Minutes
29% = 15 minutes or less
17% = 1 hour
8% = 2 hours
4% = 2 hours or longer

During the past year, about how often, if at all, did you do any type of individual Bible Study?

46% = Daily
42% = Several times per week
4% = Several times per month
4% = Once a month
4% = Less than once a month

Which of the following best describes your preferred Bible study approach?

88% = Mix of individual and group study
12% = All individual study (reading, online, other media)

Which of the following methods/approaches do you prefer during personal Bible study? (Check all that reflect your preference)

100% = Bible reading, verse by verse
71% = Bible study guides, daily devotionals, or workbooks
38% = Devotionals (Christian classics, autobiographies, theology)
38% = Listening to music, singing, or studying musical history
29% = Reading a Hymnal

During the past two years, have you taken part in Bible study through an Adult Bible Fellowship?

92% = Yes
8% = No, but I am interested
0% = No, and I am not interested

During the past two years, have you taken part in Bible study through a Small Group?

88% = Yes
8% = No, and I am not interested
4% = No, but I am interested

Which of the following Bible study topics would you be interested in? (Choose all that apply)

88% = In-depth Bible Study
67% = Spiritual Disciplines for spiritual growth and maturity
63% = Biblical perspectives on contemporary issues
50% = Understanding and using prayer to know God
46% = Living out my Christian faith everyday
33% = Understanding and employing spiritual gifts
21% = Managing my finances according to Biblical principles
17% = Christian parenting/support
17% = Basic Christian beliefs

Which of the following methods/approaches do you prefer during group Bible study? (Check all that reflect your preferences)

79% = Book, with leader facilitated group discussion
54% = Group viewing of DVD followed by group discussion
33% = Guest speaker and discussion, no prior attender preparation
29% = Hybrid online-individual study of materials/group discussion
29% = Book club style informal discussion
17% = Completely online, independent study with group discussion

Please indicate your preference concerning the length of each group Bible study meeting. (choose one)

46% = 1 hour
25% = 1.5 hours
13% = 30 minutes
8% = 2 hours
8% = 2 hours or longer

Please indicate your preferences for where Small Group Bible study sessions should be held. (check all that reflect your preferences)

58% = In someone’s home
46% = Meeting place doesn’t matter to me
21% = At the church
8% = At a public place, such as a coffee shop or a restaurant
4% = At my home – I would prefer to host the small group study