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June 21, 2023 / by Brent Klopfenstein

Regarding gospel conversations, my story starts when I was a child. My parents were very involved in missions and my uncle was a Bible translator in New Guinea. We had missionaries in our home all of the time.

I loved hearing their stories and reading books on missionary’s lives. When I was in my 20s, I quit my job and enrolled in seminary with the goal of becoming a missionary. During that first semester, I attended a men’s retreat called “Your Work Matters to God” by Doug Sherman. In that weekend I learned that my work did matter to God and that I am a full-time missionary whether I’m called to be overseas or a tent-maker at home. I felt God’s calling to be a tent-maker at home.

After my new calling I enrolled in “Evangelism Explosion” at church. It was kind of a complicated process that was hard to translate to everyday conversations. I then began reading books on evangelism but I never felt prepared to share my faith. I carried little Bibles and tracks with me but still not much fruit. I deeply cared about reaching the lost in my sphere of influence but seemed to never make much traction past the friendship stage.

A few years back a friend of mine was leading a summer evangelism outreach. When I was talking to him, he talked about a process for sharing the gospel called the “3 Circles” ( He offered to take me out door-to-door and teach me, and I accepted. I learned the 3 Circles gospel tool and we went out. We started the conversation by asking for prayer. Then after praying we asked if they had 3 minutes to hear some “Good News”. The crazy thing is, is that the first door I knocked on the woman prayed to receive Christ. I have since gone out many times and it been such a rewarding experience.

In addition to sharing the gospel with others, I noticed 2 significant benefits to myself. First, I finally had a simple effective tool to share the gospel called “the 3 Circles”. Second, the daily time I spend memorizing and refreshing my personal “3 Circle” story keeps my mind centered on what Christ did for me. This later benefit has been so precious to me.

Recently I have had a new neighbor move in. I have already begun building a relationship with him and, Lord willing, will be able to have a gospel conversation sharing the 3 Circles this summer.

Brent Klopfenstein has been attending East White Oak for the last 2 years. He will celebrate his 40th anniversary to his wife Juli in August. Brent has 2 children and 4 grandchildren. He works for Caterpillar in the Mechanical Lab. Brent enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and riding his motorcycle.