August 2023

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Almost daily, I am appalled by the proposed and enacted policies of our national, state, and local leaders. Matters that were part of our collective moral conscience now are regarded as evil, and those matters which were once abhorrent to all are now regarded as virtuous.


This OakLeaf focuses on the topic of Fasting.

“Don’t eat that. It will spoil your appetite.” Good moms are prone to say something like that. They don’t want their children satisfying themselves on “junk food” and not be hungry for a nutritious meal. In a similar way the Bible suggests that a full stomach can diminish one’s hungering and thirsting for righteousness. It can spoil our appetite for God. “Fasting” is a spiritual discipline taught and modeled by Jesus designed to help us grow in Christlikeness.

In this edition of the OakLeaf we will consider ways in which the things we “hunger for” besides God can be obstacles to fully pursuing God. What are you most hungry for?

“Frequently we see in the Bible that heroic action did not come before prayer and fasting for God’s mighty deliverance.”

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“We did not know what to do but wanted to keep our eyes on what God wanted for us..”

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“What’s the difference between this misery-filled, self-centered experiment and truly biblical fasting? Purpose.”

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Some thought provoking quotes from John Piper’s book A Hunger for God.

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Fasting is not an obligation, it is an opportunity—and one too powerful to miss.

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