February 4 – March 10, 2024

Each winter for many years we have paused our Adult Bible Fellowships to offer six-week classes focused on helping our congregation mature in Christ.

These six weeks provide a unique opportunity for people to connect with others at East White Oak with whom they might otherwise not cross paths. This winter we are encouraging all our adults to attend one of two workshops on “Living for the Glory of God”. One will focus more squarely on single living and the other on married living. No matter one’s marital status (single, married, or single again) there are real obstacles and opportunities to glorify God. These workshops will help us think biblically and strategically about how to use our current life circumstances to maximize that glory.

Adult Bible Fellowships will resume March 17.

9:00 AM Workshop

Single Living for the Glory of God  / Room 171

Come and explore topics such as The Theology of Singleness, What did Jesus say about singleness?, What are some myths about singleness?, How does Christian singleness differ from worldly singleness? Does being single mean that you are incomplete?, just to name a few. Instead of feeling like singleness is a stage that one hopes to move through as quickly as possible what would it look like to maximize single living for the glory of God? This winter workshop will be led by Pastor Traig Whittaker.

9:00 or 10:30 AM Workshop

Married Living for the Glory of God / Banquet Room

Taking a company from good to great requires some investment. Taking a marriage from good to great is no different. Invest six Sundays in getting equipped to maximize the glory of God in your marriage. Hear the biblical truth that will teach you how to express yourself more effectively, forgive more freely, and connect more deeply. This is the kind of information that will strengthen your marriage no matter how firm or how fragile it may be. Led by Ralph Wingate, the retired senior pastor of Calvary Baptist Church.