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November 15, 2021
Jim Boerckel

I had a plan a couple of months ago when I entered the most ethnically diverse section of Grand Rapids:

I wanted to impact the multi-national business owners of this area – a very strategic group – for Christ. My plan was simple: I would bring Gospel literature and DVDs in their language and share my faith with them.

I decided to start with a prayer walk around the ethnic shops and restaurants. As I did so, I got “hit in the face” with an (inaudible) voice: “Hey Jim, quick question: You’ve done this often before. What happens?” I responded (also inaudibly): “Well, if the shop owners ONLY know me as that guy who shares his faith – when they see me coming in the next time – they’re suddenly reminded of some shelves in the back room that need to be stocked.” Mid-prayer I realized that there are 3 priorities I needed to focus on:

1. Long-term relationships (which meant a change of approach)
2. A natural bridge building path to get there
3. Engaging other believers with me

I’ve implemented all three actions and I’m excited about the good relationships which have already begun – (and so far, the back rooms seem to be in good shape when I come in!)