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November 16, 2021
Pastor Scott Boerckel

One way to understand the state of the world as it relates to the Gospel is by statistics.

Now, statistics do not tell us everything, but they can sometimes shed light where we need to see more clearly the great cause in which our Lord has us engaged. So, here are some statistics in round numbers that give us some insights into the state of our world. Keep in mind that some of these numbers vary pretty widely, depending on the source that you use.

7.75 billion

The population on the earth. The median age is 29.7, and the worldwide life expectancy is 68.

3.2 billion

The unreached of the earth. This is defined as the people who have less than 2% of Christians around them. It is 41% of the earth.

2 billion

Have never heard of anything about salvation through Jesus, even in a distorted way.

1.8 billion


1.3 billion

Roman Catholics

1.2 billion


1.2 billion

Teenagers in the world

900 million


550 million

Evangelicals (this is a self label; it is known only to God how many are genuine believers in Jesus)

535 million


500 million

Atheists. This number is a lot lower than it used to be, likely because of political and technological change. In the 1980s, this number was 900 million.

232 million


171 million

Do not have a single Bible verse in their language

1 million

International students in the US, 62% of which come from the 10/40 window. 80% will never be invited into an American home. 40% of the 220 heads of state of the nations of the world once studied in the US.


Ethnic groups


Number of ethnic groups that are unreached (42.5% of the total)


Foreign missionaries

$490 million

The amount of money that Americans spend on Halloween costumes . . . for their pets

As we wrap up our missions conference, what plans are you making to “lay aside every weight” to make Christ known? Look over these numbers again. This time, do so in prayer, asking the Lord, “Lord, what will you have me to do?”

Pastor Scott