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February 7, 2024 / by Pastor Justin Waples

In the world today, we face trials of all kinds when it comes to the sins that are attempting to infect our marriages. We have broken families with divorce rampant, causing devastating effects for a lifetime to come.

There is abuse, both physical and emotional. For some, marriages are being idolized, and for others, marriages have become separatistic, withdrawing away from society. The roles have been redefined due to the rise of feminism. Marriage is seen as conditional, lasting only as long as feeling. Our orientation is being redefined as marriage is no longer between a man and a woman.

Sounds bleak, doesn’t it? So, what must we do to strengthen our marriages amidst these trials? First, we pray and praise the Lord that the power of Christ is enough to conquer all. Second, we look to the church for a pathway toward maturity. Did you know that we have almost 100 married couples in East White Oak Small Groups who would say this is a perfect place to strengthen your marriage?

Let’s hear from them! Here are just a few of the dozens of comments we received:

“We’ve strengthened our marriage through studies with other like-minded couples. We’ve “done life” with our Small Group and built life-long friendships. It’s comforting to know you have other God-centered couples praying for you, your marriage, and your family.” – Jesse and Kristi Baird

“We get to meet new people and spend time praying for each other. It has also given us a place to share our deepest hurts. All these things help us grow closer to each other and God.” – Herb & Georgia Steffen

“Small Group has focused my wife and I on God and his Word. We are getting into the 4-in-1 bible plan this year.” – Dan & Heidi Lancaster

“One great thing about being in a married Small Group is being able to all pray together for each other’s family.” – Dan & Janna Gott

“Our Small Group bible study has strengthened our relationship with each other and God.” – Russ & Mary Jo Waller

“We feel better equipped and supported as parents of littles through our Small Group.” – John & Gina Turton

“By joining a couples Small Group, we have gained new friendships with others our age, and more importantly, some great prayer partners.” – Troy & Becky Shealy

We are so thankful for each couple strengthening their marriage by being in a Small Group! Perhaps today is the day for you to join a Small Group at East White Oak. Don’t let the trials and sins that are attempting to infect our marriages stop you. Talk to me anytime you want to join a group or sign up online.

— Pastor Justin

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