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June 26, 2024 / by Lynda Landes

At school, a teacher asked for someone to share at Culture Club on the topic of Easter. Others said, “I think that’s a Christian holiday, right? Lynda, you could probably help with that.”

I agreed, but was hesitant not knowing what the obligation would be.  The teacher said, “It’s okay if we can’t find someone, we can always just have an egg hunt.”  I immediately spoke up and said I could help.  The teacher was happy to have someone willing.  She said, “You can do whatever you’d like”. I thought, I can’t believe I’ve been given an opportunity to share about Jesus in a public school!

The wheels in my mind were immediately turning.  I asked Pastor Justin and Beth Fromme for resources.  I asked a friend, my son, and a current Christian clinical student to join me. The Lord opened all the doors!  I had a few weeks to prepare.  That was the easy part.  For me, the difficult part is having my heart and mind in the right place when presenting.  I can have everything perfectly organized but then when I lead, it “feels” awful because it’s in my own strength and if I’m being honest, partly for my own glory.  I didn’t want that.  So, there were MANY people praying.  I shared with our small group, friends and family, and the Missions team.  They were all praying.  And I prayed.  God was faithful as He always is.  I wasn’t extremely nervous leading up to the time and I felt at ease while leading.

There were about 25 students, ages K-2nd grade.  I had one hour to share the real truth and keep it engaging.  It felt like a whirlwind but God helped them to be well behaved (a feat on a Friday after school).  We discussed pictures of fun traditions versus the true meaning of Easter. We filled out Easter Mystery Tracts using codes.  We made gospel bracelets while reading Spread Truth’s booklet: The Storymaker.  One little girl raised her hand and said “I have a song that goes with this” and proceeded to sing “God rest ye merry gentlemen” for all to hear.  Another girl responded “Jesus can’t be perfect, no one is perfect.”  Their minds were thinking it through. God was at work!  We sang and moved to “Jesus is Alive” on the smartboard.  We ended with a mini egg hunt where they received a cross craft.

I was thankful afterwards for how well everything went but then the thoughts started coming.  “I should have said this, I wish I would have…”. But God… being so gracious allowed the friend who helped me to text “I am still amazed how freeing it was to hear the name Jesus spoken in a classroom without arguments or dismissal.  The Holy Spirit was in that room and the kids were engaged.  The Story really had them – words like broken and rescue got their attention. It was a cup-filling hour.”  How faithful God is to quiet my heart and cause me to be grateful knowing that He is alway in control and working!  May many little hearts have had seeds planted that will one day know and love HIM!

Lynda and her husband Jason have been attending East White Oak since they were married in 1995. They have three children, Ellie, Faith, and Levi who grew up at East White Oak. She has served in the children’s ministry, music ministry, and the missions team. Her days are spent learning with Kindergarteners. She loves being with her family and cooking for them.

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