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November 15, 2022
by Elia Kudari

We grew up in a predominantly Hindu culture.

As the influences from society were molding our minds with ideas and beliefs, we were, at the same time, introduced to the gospel at a very young age.

Looking back, we greatly appreciate God’s providence and grace in that He granted us opportunities to hear about and know the Lord Jesus. We realized the importance of knowing the gospel and the truth, even from a very young age, even as we were exposed to different worldviews. We can confidently testify that the truths that we learned, even with a limited understanding, played a vital role as we grew up in very challenging and hostile circumstances and religious contexts.

When we moved to Bloomington, we were pleasantly surprised to see thousands of Indians. We quickly learned that most of them do not know the gospel. God placed, on our hearts, a desire to reach them with the gospel. We began to pray and started exploring opportunities to reach, with the gospel, both adults as well as children. God, in His mercy, enabled us to have outreach events during Easter and Christmas.

In God’s providence, we were introduced to Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) and their summer program, Five Day Club. CEF provides materials and teachers/helpers, who will come and conduct the club every day for five days, for an hour and a half. We gladly took that opportunity and began to host these clubs at our house. God brought many children, between 40 to 70, to these clubs. Most of these children were from Hindu families and to our joy, parents and grandparents would often join them. They heard the gospel and had lots of fun too. Many have expressed their joy to be able to hear and learn about the Lord Jesus for the first time in their lives and some have received Bibles joyfully and told us that they began to read the Bible.

Hosting these outreach events is impossible without the assistance of faithful brothers and sisters. Many from East White Oak Bible Church volunteered to assist us with rides, sharing the gospel, nursery, and in many other ways. We faithfully planted the seed and are praying and hoping for the harvest which only the Lord can bring forth in His own time.

Elia Kudari is married to Jyothi. They have three daughters. Elia works at State Farm and has served the Lord as an elder here at East White Oak. He currently serves as the Acts 2:42 Adult Bible Fellowship teacher.