August 2022

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As a church, we genuinely want to see each person be part of a “Small Group”—a church-organized ministry with less than 20 people in size.

One person asked, “I am in a Women’s Small Group Bible Study… should I join a Traditional Small Group as well?” It’s a great question! The answer is that…


The theme of this OakLeaf is “Small Groups,” one of East White Oak’s Pathways of Discipleship. Our three “Pathways” (Sunday Worship, Bible Fellowships, and Small Groups) each make unique contributions to the process of transforming people into worshipers who are maturing in Christ.

Featured Articles

Adult Small Groups

“One of the things I love most about our current Small Group is how it provides an element of fun, joy, and hilarity in the pressures that everyday life can dish out…”

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Youth Small Groups

“We get to dive into the Word every week, and while I hope they can learn something from my leading and experiences, I am learning just as much from them.”

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Children’s Small Groups

“They were maturing quickly and reminding me weekly of the difficult things they faced every day at home and at school. It was a complete privilege to pray for each of them.”

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More Articles about Small Groups

“God was there on that rainy evening connecting His people from across the ocean, and it was a blessing to our family to be a part of this experience, as well as serving alongside our wonderful East White Oak Small Group. “

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“When asked what I would miss without Precept in my life, my answer is connection. I would miss being able to pray with and for each other. I would miss seeing God in action – how He answers those prayers. I would miss the laughter…”

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“Many thought that in our rapidly changing culture, with people moving around, often far from family, it seemed like a good idea for churches to develop an additional way of connecting on the relational level.”

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Want to learn more about Small Groups?

There’s a reason that Small Groups are part of the core of what we do at East White Oak.
We want you to experience the joy of friendships, the excitement of studying the Bible in a smaller community, and the beauty of praying for others and allowing others to pray for you. Contact Pastor Justin to for help getting connected, or explore our Small Groups webpage to learn more.