May 2022

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At East White Oak our Focus is “Seeking to be worshipers, maturing in Christ.”

Whether you are a seasoned believer looking for a place to worship and serve, or a person looking for answers to your spiritual questions, or somewhere in-between, you are welcome here.

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The theme of this OakLeaf is “Adult Bible Fellowships,” one of East White Oak’s Pathways of Discipleship. Our three “Pathways” (Sunday Worship, Bible Fellowships, and Small Groups) each make unique contributions to the process of transforming people into worshipers who are maturing in Christ.

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Adult Bible Fellowships

Biblical Christianity is not lived out in anonymity it is lived out in community. Bible Fellowships create environments where faith-building relationships are nurtured.

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Youth Bible Fellowships

Sunday mornings serve as a “regathering” place where students get back together again after a long week at school.

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Children’s Bible Fellowships

Take a small peek at how God is maturing the young worshipers at East White Oak.

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Articles about Adult Bible Fellowships

“We have genuinely enjoyed getting to know people that we used to just smile at and casually say “hello” to. We now discuss important matters, whether they be personal, cultural, or spiritual.”

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“We absolutely spend our Sunday mornings studying God’s Word, but we also spend a lot of time just getting to know each others’ hearts. We visit, we joke…”

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“I was excited when many of our members caught a vision for it. We did some training and preparation and when the new church building was ready in 1996, with its many classrooms, our ABF’s were born!”

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“Crossroads… is currently attended by long retired worshipers. Even in our older adult years, we seek to be growing in Christ and serving Him—no retirement from living for Jesus.”

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Want to learn more about Adult Bible Fellowships?

There’s a reason that Bible Fellowships are part of the core of what we do at East White Oak.
We want you to experience the joy of friendships, the excitement of studying the Bible in a smaller community, and the beauty of praying for others and allowing others to pray for you. You’re invited to visit an ABF and to experience it for yourself. Need help getting connected? Contact Pastor Traig at [email protected].

See a list of Adult Bible Fellowships

The Essential 100 guides you from Genesis to Revelation in 100 carefully selected readings that take you through the big story of the Bible in about 10 minutes a day. Whether you’re a new or experienced Bible reader, you’ll gain a fresh appreciation for the big picture of the Bible and in the process, you’ll wind up meeting God every day.

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