May 2021

The theme of this Oak Leaf is “Rooted in Scripture”, one of East White Oak’s Vital Signs. Our Vital Signs are the DNA of who we are and support the Focus Statement, “Seeking to be Worshipers, Maturing in Christ.”

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One of the core truths at East White Oak Bible Church is that we, as growing and maturing disciples, would be Rooted in Scripture.

As a young believer, I developed a love for the Word of God that has, I believe, only grown deeper with each passing year. God’s Word has been an integral part of my discipleship from my earliest days and God has given me a deep faith in its truth, reliability and relevance.

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These resources will help you on the journey to becoming Rooted in Scripture!

Learn how to study the Bible on your own, the basic overview of the Bible and its books, and how to memorize Scripture.

Resources From Pastor Scott

Müller’s life story makes it clear there were many times his faith was tested.

He embraced each heartache as an opportunity to grow closer to God.

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“Students test me on my statement that ALL of what we do is based on God and his word:”

“What about when we play dodgeball?  How is that Rooted in Scripture?”  “What about the Oakie Videos?”  “What about the Rake and Run in the fall?”…

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Q & A with Jim & Susan Simmons

The Simmons are being sent to Tanzania by East White Oak to work with Africa Inland Mission. Their work is designed to help the African church become more rooted in Scripture.

Simmons Interview

Rooted in Scripture Playlist

Music can help us focus our hearts on being Rooted in Scripture. Our prayer is that these songs will be an encouragement to you as you listen.

It’s Survey Time

Join the church in taking a survey to dig deeper into what being Rooted in Scripture looks like for you both personally and corporately! Being Rooted in Scripture means we have an unflinching commitment to the Word of God and have roots that are the foundation of spiritual health both personally and corporately as a church body.

Please consider taking this short survey to answer questions that will enlighten the church to the unique ways we each study God’s Word as individuals and help our church leaders consider how we may best serve the Church as we’re seeking to be worshipers maturing in Christ! This survey is 15 multiple choice questions and your answers will be completely anonymous. Look for all the results in the next Oak Leaf!

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An open house farewell for Pastor Josh and family will be held Sunday, May 16 at the church’s picnic pavilion from noon – 1:00. Light refreshments will be served. Join us in thanking Pastor Josh for his ministry at East White Oak and encouraging the Prathers in their new ministry adventure. Rain date: Sunday, May 23

Looking for a way to get more connected at East White Oak? Enjoy a meal and fellowship, and maybe make a new friend along the way! Register by May 23 for placement in a June group.

Do you enjoy connecting with kids? Consider serving in Children’s Ministries this summer!! Serve all or part of the summer based on your schedule. See the details and sign up here.

May 2021

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. (ESV)

This most famous of Bible verses is rightly famous. It begins with God, who sets the rules for His universe. God’s love is so great that He sent His only Son to this earth to save us. Whoever believes in Jesus will not experience eternal death but instead will experience eternal life.

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