February 2022

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If you’ve ever seen someone do something well, whether it is a sport, a musical performance, or some other kind of artistry, you know that preparation for the action is just as important as the action itself.

I have always been amazed at the warm up of performers, whether music groups or orchestra members or professional athletes. They all take their craft seriously! They know that if they do not prepare correctly, their actions will be less than excellent…

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The theme of this OakLeaf is “Sunday Worship”, one of East White Oak’s Pathways of Discipleship. Our three “Pathways” (Sunday Worship, Bible Fellowships, and Small Groups) each make unique contributions to the process of transforming people into worshipers who are maturing in Christ.

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How can Sunday Worship be both a place for Outreach and an encouragement to do Outreach?

How do we first go to our neighbors and attend their events (sports, concerts, parties) before we ask them to come and attend our “church” events?

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For forty years on Sundays, I made that walk from the front row to the pulpit.

I was “working,” working all week to get ready and working to do as well as I could to deliver a message from God’s Word on Sundays. I’m not making that walk anymore…

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When I first began leading music in church, I had the great fortune of reading a book written by a worship director named Bob Kauflin.

I’d like to share a few significant reasons he gives for why music helps us as God’s people…

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Two Truths About the One Percent

How Important Is Corporate Worship?

This article by David Mathis, Executive Editor of, encourages us that regular, meaningful engagement in the church’s most important hour of the week can change how we live the rest of our lives.

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The Essential 100 guides you from Genesis to Revelation in 100 carefully selected readings that take you through the big story of the Bible in about 10 minutes a day. Whether you’re a new or experienced Bible reader, you’ll gain a fresh appreciation for the big picture of the Bible and in the process, you’ll wind up meeting God every day.

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