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December 1, 2022
Pastor Justin Waples

If you want to reach your Neighbors through Christmas caroling, then follow the 7 Easy Steps below!

Many people have asked, “How Can I Evangelize in my Neighborhood?” Did you know that Christmas caroling is an amazing way to reach your neighbors with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Gather one or two of your neighboring families together and plan for a wonderful evening of caroling in your neighborhood. Consider asking someone in your Bible Fellowship or Small Group to join you in caroling in your neighborhood. The more, the merrier!

Jeff Cavanaugh, a member and deacon of Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky, said “our strategy for reaching the neighborhood around us is mainly one of long-term, patient faithfulness. Our goal is to build relationships with our neighbors that, over time, will make it easier for us to have spiritual conversations with them. These relationships also make our neighbors more willing to attend services and other events aimed specifically at engaging unbelievers with the gospel.”

Take some time this year and reach out to your neighbors with some Christmas carols. Be sure to introduce yourselves and provide invitations to East White Oak for our Christmas Concert and Christmas Day Sunday Worship Service at 10:30 am. It will take a little planning ahead, but everyone will appreciate it. Following these 7 Easy Steps will guarantee that your Christmas caroling is something that will be remembered—both by the carolers and those who are blessed to hear the Christmas carols.

Reach your Neighbors through Christmas Caroling in 7 Easy Steps!

(1) Invite your Neighbors early.

The holiday season is very busy, so invite neighbors and other friends early. Go visit and ask neighbors to join you 2-3 weeks early!

(2) Use the Carol Song List.

You will find 8 well-known and classic carols in our Caroling Guide. Not everyone knows the lyrics to every Christmas song, so print out and staple multiple copies of this document and refer to the page numbers when choosing the next song.

(3) Determine what homes you want to visit.

Choose your block or homes of those you are becoming more acquainted with in your community. Plan to make a loop around a certain area and end up back at everyone’s vehicles or someone’s home for hot cocoa and cookies! Bad weather won’t stop Christmas caroling, so choose a nursing home, retirement community, or hospital. Be sure to ask permission from the facility before you go.

(4) Practice one time before you go caroling.

Sing through the 8 songs in this document so everyone is on the same page. Literally! Then be sure everyone knows the tune and can sing together. This will bring great joy to the carolers and the listeners!

(5) Dress weather appropriate.

Wear warm clothes as needed and be sure to bring some Christmas cheer along the way! Festive hats or gloves will do the trick or just wear a joyful Christmas sweater!

(6) Everyone should go caroling, even if they can’t sing.

If you know someone who doesn’t enjoy singing, invite them along to hand out candy canes, tracts, or invitations to our Christmas Concert and Christmas Day Sunday Worship Service at 10:30 am.

(7) Be sure to bring some flashlights.

Bring a few glowsticks or flashlights to light the way. Most neighborhoods are well-lit, but this will keep cars alert of families walking around at night.