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May 10, 2022
Kris Seifert, Children’s Ministry Director

From the oldest to the very youngest among us, we at East White Oak Bible Church desire to become worshipers growing in Christ.

Take a small peek at how God is maturing the young worshipers at East White Oak in our Children’s Bible Fellowships (CBFs).

One way to worship God is to care for others. Relationships with children’s peers and teachers are nurtured in CBFs, helping our kids see and demonstrate God’s loving care. Significant relationships are being formed in the CBF community. In a recent CBF a 5th grade girl mentioned that her two best friends are in her CBF. She said she trusts these girls and values that they, too, want to live out their Christian faith. They can talk to each other and be helpful—even when they disagree. They go to different schools, but they have formed a sweet friendship in their CBF. Teachers regularly share how they love the boys and girls in their CBFs. They learn their lives—their hurts, fears, and joys. One of our teachers prays regularly for the children in his class, as well as the children he has had in years past—a list of MANY kids. The community of worshipers formed in CBFs goes beyond the walls of our classrooms.

Each Sunday, to help them become rooted in Scripture and grow in Christ, the boys and girls focus on a main lesson point. Children learn in a variety of ways, so in CBFs they read, sing, listen, do crafts, act, and play to help them remember the lesson point. Recently, toddlers played with a parachute to learn how Mary cared for Jesus when she poured perfume on His feet. The goal was to care for a ball placed on the wiggling, moving parachute, keeping it from falling to the floor. Although their excitement made it challenging, they practiced caring for something (a ball) like Jesus cares for us. Third graders learned about the care Jesus, the Good Shepherd, gives us, His sheep, by leading their sheep/classmates through obstacles. As the third graders prayed later in the morning, their prayers reflected a desire to seek the Good Shepherd’s care as they prayed so sweetly for the unrest in our country and world. Sometimes the lesson point isn’t communicated as accurately as hoped. Recently a kindergartner answered the question, “Who can tell me a miracle of Jesus?” with “One time he healed 10 leprechauns, but only 1 came back to say thank you!”

Prayer is an essential part of helping our kids become mature worshipers of Jesus. A teacher of 5th and 6th grade boys shared this encouraging note with parents recently: “Parents, you can be proud of your sons’ growing maturity. It’s quite evident when we pray together that they’ve grown spiritually since September. It’s greatly encouraging to have an opportunity to witness the Lord’s faithfulness in these young men!”

Please pray for our CBF volunteers and children! Pray that God’s Word would be shared truthfully and age appropriately. Ask God to use their time together to draw the children into a relationship with Him through faith in Jesus and create a deep love and hunger for His Word. Pray that what is shared in class sinks deep into fertile heart soil and transforms the boys, girls, and teachers. Pray that the volunteers would be encouraged in their own faith as they serve and love the boys and girls in their care!

Kris Seifert enjoys serving the boys and girls at East White Oak. She is married to Chris and has two grown boys, Adam and Aaron. Kris is looking forward to her new role as grandma sometime this fall! She enjoys reading and spending time with her family and dear friends.

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