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May 10, 2022
Mark Heil

Marla and I have been coming to East White Oak for many years. We had attended some of the Winter Electives in the past, but we had never committed to joining an ABF.

Looking back, I think we were uncertain as to what sort of commitment we’d have to make and if missing a class now and then would negatively impact the experience.

Recently, when we found out there was a new ABF, Koinonia, we decided to give it a try. We have genuinely enjoyed getting to know people that we used to just smile at and casually say “hello” to. We now discuss important matters, whether they be personal, cultural, or spiritual. Most importantly, we pray for each other. It has been encouraging to hear others’ stories of struggle and triumph. We have had some excellent group discussions. The testimonies of our fellow East White Oak family members are amazing!

The ABF has also encouraged me to dig deeper into the Scriptures. Our group started off this year in the Gospel of John and we really took time to focus on each passage and apply it to our daily walk. Jeremy, our ABF teacher, has such a passion for the Word, and he encourages us to embrace ALL of it.

Although the ABF is relatively new, we’re currently growing our way into other areas like missions support, outside service projects as well as serving inside the church. Especially for the times in which we live, a closer connection to others is more important than ever. I’m so glad that Marla and I have “jumped in.” It’s been rewarding on many levels.

Mark Heil and his wife, Marla, have been attending East White Oak for over 10 years. They have served in AWANA and Sunday School Ministries. They have three school-aged children at Cornerstone Christian Academy. Mark works in Sales at Burwood Group, a technology consulting firm based out of Chicago. Mark enjoys hiking, fishing and spending time outdoors with his family.

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