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May 6, 2024 / by Pastor Traig Whittaker

My wife is good at a lot of things. But there is one thing that she is perhaps better at than anyone else that I know…preparing for a trip.

She is determined not to forget anything. This requires a gigantic list. For me a Walmart within driving distance makes a list unnecessary, but I digress.

You may be planning a trip of your own this summer. I wonder if you might have left something off your list. Did you forget Jesus?

Here are a few ways that you can integrate your Christian faith into this summer’s family vacation.

Pray before you leave. Take a moment in the car after everyone is buckled in to thank the Lord for the opportunity to enjoy some time away, ask for His protection for your travels, pray for a sweet time of family memory-making, and for the Lord’s help to be good ambassadors for Him while away.

Watch for ways to worship. These times don’t have to be forced or lengthy. Sing a praise song together in the car. Point out the beauty of God’s creation. Or select a “Vacation Verse” to memorize during your trip.

Redeem the ride. Devices out, earbuds in. That’s the way many families will travel to their vacation destinations. Instead, why not enjoy listening to some faith-nurturing audio drama together? Check out fantastic stories from Jonathan Park Audio Adventures, Your Story Hour, and Adventures in Odyssey.

Be on the lookout for divine appointments. You may meet someone who your family could help or pray for. Maybe it’s as simple as asking the server at the restaurant how you could pray for them.

Be flexible. If you are highly organized, a glitch in the plan may send you for a loop. Instead of fretting about it, you could receive it as a gift from the Lord. Could He be protecting you from something, blessing you with something, or teaching you something?

Maintain God-honoring standards. A change of scenery doesn’t mean that you change your Christian principles about language, modesty, or entertainment. If you wouldn’t do it at home, you shouldn’t do it on vacation.

Go to church. This one activity teaches so much to your kids. It reveals to them that church is a priority. It is also evidence that the “Body of Christ” is so much larger than your local church. If you don’t know of a church, a good place to start your search could be The Gospel Coalition church directory.

Don’t let your summer vacation be an occasion to take a vacation from your faith. Don’t forget Jesus.

Pastor Traig Whittaker has served at East White Oak since 2000. His ministry responsibilities include oversight of the church’s Christian Education programs and administrative duties. Traig is married to Laura and they have four adult children.

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