February 5 – March 12, 2023

Each winter we offer six week elective classes to help you grow in your faith.

It’s a unique opportunity to connect with others at East White Oak, while learning about a topic that interests you. All adults are invited! Adult Bible Fellowships will resume March 19.

9:00 AM Electives

When Love Takes You In / Room 170

Led by Pastor Justin Waples. Investigate adoption from a biblical and practical perspective while we explore East White Oak’s Adoption/Foster ministry, discuss outreach opportunities in our community, and discover resources for prospective adoptive or foster parents. Designed for both people who want to learn more about serving through these ministries from the sidelines and those interested in adding to their families. Instead of asking, “Am I called to do something?” ask, “What’s my something? And how can I use that to care for children as well as adoptive and birth families?”  Room 170

Discovering Missions / Room 172

Led by the East White Oak Missions Team. What is missions, really? Learn about the rich heritage of East White Oak Missions and our involvement today. Are you interested in missions? How about a short-term missions trip? Perhaps you would like to know what the path might look like to becoming a missionary. It all starts here.  Room 172

Be Ready – Apologetics / Room 181 (Banquet Room)

Led by Wyn Boerckel. Do you want to be better equipped to give truth-filled answers to sincere questions from those who don’t believe that there is a God? How would you respond to someone who suggests that the Bible is nothing but a book of mythology and worse yet chock full of contradictions? Join us as we prepare ourselves to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; and do it with gentleness and respect. (1 Peter 3:15)  Room 181

Your Work and Career Matter to God / Room 171

Led by Pastor Jeff VanGoethem. How does a disciple of Christ walk effectively in the everyday of his or her work and career? There are some important questions to ask about our work. How do we handle the difficulties and struggles of work and career? How can I beautify the gospel in my work life? What are the biblical teachings about work, the work ethic, and Christian behavior in the workplace? It is possible to glorify God in a multitude of jobs (even “secular” jobs) and make an impact for Christ. Come and find out how.  Room 171

10:30 AM Electives

Discovering Membership / Room 170

Led by EWOBC Elders. Examine the focus and history of the church, doctrine, ordinances, and the devotional life.  This is the next step for anyone pursuing church membership.  Room 170

Essays by A.W. Tozer / Room 171

Led by Dirk May. “Man – The Dwelling Place of God” We must never get over the fact that it is the desire of Almighty God to commune with people and to reveal Himself to people in profound and powerful ways. This knowledge of God comes when people are not trying to control Him rather, they are living in joyful submission to Him. What influence and impact can God dwelling in you have on your life? Join us for the journey.  Room 171

Recovering Lost Treasure / Room 172

Led by Jeoff Jenkins. Many have seen their children or other loved ones stray from the faith. We call these precious people “Lost Treasures.” God cares about our Lost Treasures. Like a good shepherd He seeks lost sheep to bring them back into the fold. During these six sessions we will gain insights from the Bible and learn how to pursue your Lost Treasure and how to pray effectively for them. We will also be encouraged with testimonies by those who have recovered their own Lost Treasure.  Room 172