February 6 – March 13, 2022

Each winter we offer six week elective classes to help you grow in your faith.

It’s a unique opportunity to connect with others at East White Oak, while learning about a topic that interests you. All adults are invited! Adult Bible Fellowships will resume March 20.

Discovering Membership
9:00 AM / Room 174

Led by EWOBC Elders. Examine the focus and history of the church, doctrine, ordinances, and the devotional life.  This is the next step for anyone pursuing church membership.

Evangelism in a Skeptical World
9:00AM / Room 170

Led by Pastor Justin Waples. Most Christians believe they should be telling others about Jesus, but traditional methods seem less effective in today’s post-Christian world. This elective is designed to equip you with the principles and skills needed to tell the good news about Jesus to a skeptical world. Learn helpful strategies to get past the defensive posture that many people have toward Christianity so that they can seriously consider the claims of Jesus Christ.

Becoming a Missions Prayer Warrior
9:00 AM / Room 171

Led by Pastor Jeff VanGoethem. Join us for a study of the relationship between prayer and the commitment to and involvement in missions. Sessions will include: The Windows are Open for Prayer and Missions, Personal Prayer Involvement, World-Sized Praying, Fervent Praying, Extraordinary Praying, and The Challenge of Prayer and Commitment.

Essentials of Biblical Stewardship
9:00 AM / Room 172

Led by Adam Garey. What does it mean to be a good and faithful steward? In part, it is managing well what belongs to another but has been entrusted to you. Your money management can be God-honoring and bring you a deep sense of His pleasure. Learn how to be: God’s Worker, God’s Giver, God’s Saver, God’s Spender, and God’s Investor. Live financially for His commendation, “Well done, good and faithful steward.”

Recovering Lost Treasure
10:30 AM / Room 171

Led by Jeoff Jenkins. Many have seen their children or other loved ones stray from the faith. We call these precious people “Lost Treasures.” God cares about our Lost Treasures. Like a good shepherd he seeks lost sheep to bring them back into the fold. During these six sessions we will gain insights from the Bible and learn how to pursue your Lost Treasure and how to pray effectively for them. We will also be encouraged with testimonies by those who have recovered their own Lost Treasure.

Biographies of New Testament Church Leaders
10:30 AM / Room 170

Led by Al Jones. From the very beginning of church history God has been pleased to use imperfect people to accomplish His perfect purposes. Come and be inspired to live life on mission despite failures, persecution, and trials. Learn from the courage of Stephen, the perseverance of Paul, the resolve of Timothy, the encouragement of Barnabas, and a whole lot more.