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Things to Do in Such a Time as This

by Pastor Walt Baertsch
Originally posted: March 23, 2020

Not a complete list.   Text or Email me with more ideas.

  • Keep a prayer journal.
  • Keep a regular journal. It will be historical for your great grandkids when they ask about the Pandemic of 2020. (I take the long view of life).
  • Memorize Scripture – I’m working on the book of Ephesians. Get the “Bible Memory App” if you can.  It helps, and it’s the same one that Pastor Scott recommends.
  • Express your concerns and fears to your parents. Encourage each other and pray for one another.  This is a great time to pray and encourage your parents – can you imagine being responsible for leading your family through this time of uncertainty?  Pray that God would encourage them as well.
  • Be a good friend to your siblings – one who listens and understands their fears and is willing to pray with and for them.
  • Reach out to loved ones through handwritten letters. (You know how special it is when you receive a Real Live Letter!)
  • Do your homework.
  • Create Oakies for next year.
  • Video journal?
  • Send encouraging verses to one another.
  • Join our youth ministry prayer on the Echo prayer app. Or call/text me and I’ll add you to it.
  • Babysit for someone who has to go to work. Especially for medical professionals and grocery clerks etc. that are vital services.
  • Purchase groceries for the elderly. Wash your hands before you drop off the groceries!
  • Prepare to be feeling lousy for a while – books by your bedside etc. Water bottle.
  • Learn how to cook/prepare food in case your mom and dad are sick for a while.
  • Serve your parents when they are ill.
  • Pull together as a family.
  • Do the laundry to help out. Learn now – college is coming.
  • Don’t panic. This too shall pass
  • Realize and remember that God is in control.
  • This is the time for Christians to shine for him.
  • Serve your family.
  • Eliminate “I’m Bored” from your vocabulary. Replace it instead with “How can I help?”
  • Dust off your or your parents’ under-used exercise equipment and work up a sweat. Healthy people are likely to have less severe symptoms.
  • Bake something delicious for your family!
  • Remember Burpees from Phys Ed class? They are a fantastic exercise involving all major muscle groups and use NO special equipment.  See how many you can do by the end of March!  You’ll go back to school buff! 😃
  • Pray for your family members and our Senior Saints during this time.
  • Lovingly be a winsome witness for Christ during this time of fear for many who don’t have the hope of heaven.
  • Go outside and breathe fresh air. It’s a natural antiseptic.
  • Start a neighborhood audio flash mob. Start singing outside (loudly) each day and see how long it takes for anyone to join you.  Start with simple, songs, and work your way to praise songs.  (Let me know how this one goes!!)
  • Serve somebody.
  • Text notes of encouragement to each person in the youth group! We do it on retreats, why not now?
  • NEW!  Get a few friends and go Christmas Caroling!