COVID-19 Information

Important Announcement

Beginning June 6, East White Oak returned to ministry without COVID protocols—no masks and no social distancing. We will no longer ask parents to make reservations for Children’s Ministry.

We determined our timeline based on the availability of vaccines and how long it would take for those who wish to receive a vaccine to be considered fully vaccinated.

As we transition to this new season of ministry we will seek to serve and love well those who may be negatively impacted by our complete ending of COVID protocols, just as we have sought to serve and love well those who have been frustrated by our having protocols. We love the entire body of Christ, irrespective of our various views on COVID protocols! We know that the elimination of protocols will mean that some will not be able to come to church as they have. However, we believe that the time has come for this decision, and we will continue to offer Livestream and Zoom opportunities as means for participation for those negatively impacted. Please continue in prayer for our ministry here at East White Oak. There are exciting days ahead!