COVID-19 Information

We are relieved that our region and indeed our country is in a lesser state of alert.

We do continuously monitor developments in public health. Currently we are happy to report that all church activities are proceeding normally. If you would like to be added to our text alert system, please sign up below.

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Current Ministry with Covid

No masks, no social distancing, and no vaccinations are required to attend services, programs, or activities at East White Oak.

Church leadership diligently monitors the Covid problem, including the pressure being put on our community’s healthcare resources and current statistics regarding number of cases and infection rates locally. Those are informative to decisions made regarding scheduling at East White Oak but we are driven by our desire to serve and love well those in our fellowship. We will continue to keep a close eye on future developments as we seek to be a responsible party in our community and in the hope of keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Please know that we will continue to offer Livestream and Zoom opportunities as a means of participation for those who decide to engage remotely or when circumstances dictate. If conditions exist that warrant a change or cancellation, the church will send out notification through text and e-mail.

Please continue in prayer for our ministry here at East White Oak.

What to do IF…

You are not feeling well.
For the sake of others, please attend our livestream or zoom options, where available, and avoid physically coming to church.

You experience COVID symptoms while at church.
We request that you leave the building as soon as possible. If a child exhibits symptoms of illness, class leaders will ask parents to take him or her home.

You test positive for COVID.
Please follow public health recommendations.

You have had close contact with someone who has tested positive.
Please follow public health recommendations.

You have traveled to a known COVID “hot spot.”
Please follow public health recommendations.

If you have any questions about an appropriate response to your specific set of circumstances, please contact the church office. We will be happy to provide you with guidance.