Read the Bible in 2022

The Essential 100 guides you from Genesis to Revelation in 100 carefully selected readings that take you through the big story of the Bible in about 10 minutes a day. Whether you’re a new or experienced Bible reader, you’ll gain a fresh appreciation for the big picture of the Bible and in the process, you’ll wind up meeting God every day.

There are two ways to join in: Read on YouVersion or follow a paper reading plan. You’ll find paper copies in the long hallway, or download and print your own.

You can read the big story of the Bible in just one hundred days… Join us in 2022 as we repeat this plan 3 times to more firmly implant in our hearts and minds these important truths.

Reading Schedule

January 3 – April 17

105 days to complete

April 18 – August 14

119 days to complete

August 15 – November 26

105 days to complete

Additional Resources

Big Bible Challenge (BBC) is designed for children 7-12 years old and explores the big story of the Bible through 100 selected Bible passages, just like the E100. Designed to be used both by a child and an adult “coach” (parent, grandparent, teacher, mentor, etc.)


100 mini studies designed specifically for teens! The book also includes 20 sets of group discussion questions. Order directly from Scripture Union Resources.


Want to integrate the Essential 100 Reading Challenge into your small group? This book includes a Personal Reflection Guide and a Group Discussion Guide. If you are interested in this resource, contact Pastor Justin to receive a copy. E-mail [email protected].