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August 10, 2022
Megan Reeg

I attended an evening women’s Bible Study the summer of 2018. I enjoyed the time in fellowship with other women and realized that I needed that to be a priority in my life.

Having children in multiple activities made evening Bible study difficult for me to consistently commit to. In the fall, I noticed Precepts being advertised as a daytime Bible Study. I jumped right in and signed up for Ezekiel.

I really didn’t know anyone when I started Precepts. But my heart has grown to love the ladies. We share praises and prayer concerns with each other. Our group is multi-generational, with ladies from ages 15 to 82. It is such a blessing to see so many stages of life represented in our group.

Our leader, Lynn Wegman, is a humble, faithful servant. She spends many hours preparing for our classes. She often shares additional resources of books, video links, and songs to help us in our understanding. And when she doesn’t know an answer, she doesn’t hesitate to reach out to another teacher or pastor for clarification. By studying Precepts, I have learned to slow down in reading the Bible. I have learned to look for key words, repeated phrases, and references to persons/time/place. The Bible has come alive with meaning!

About a year into my Precepts journey, I inquired about having my daughter join our group. Since we homeschool, it was a natural supplement for us. Isabelle has learned SO much in the last 3 years. I am amazed at what she has absorbed in the classes and how she can use what she’s learned to discuss her faith with peers. It has been so much fun for us to be able to discuss homework together as mother/daughter, AND since we don’t have any family in town, she has gained many adoptive grandmas. We even had a backyard birthday party for my daughter last summer with the ladies. The generational wisdom is such a blessing. I can’t wait for my youngest daughter to join us!

When asked what I would miss without Precept in my life, my answer is connection. I would miss being able to pray with and for each other. I would miss seeing God in action – how He answers those prayers. I would miss the laughter. I would miss the impromptu text messages or emails. I would miss struggling through the Word together, asking hard questions, and learning together. I would miss the friendships.

Megan Reeg and her husband Patrick are the parents of three children, Brady, Isabelle, and Sylvia. Megan has served as an AWANA leader and loves studying the Bible with other women at East White Oak. She homeschools her high school and junior high daughters, and she volunteers with homeschoool theatre and choir programs. Her favorite free-time activities are napping, reading, and hiking.