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In Bible Fellowships connection happens. ABFs are faith-nurturing communities where you experience belonging. You will get to know people and they will get to know you.

The Christian life is intended to be lived out in community. Look no further than the “one anothers” of the New Testament to see this. “One anothering” requires relationships.

The Bible is essential to our knowing God and growing in our love for Him and producing in us a life lived for Him. Sometimes you have questions about interpretation or application. The best Bible study happens in a setting where you are with people you are getting to know and love. Honest questions are asked. Application is made with more authenticity, integrity, and directness.

In addition to Bible teaching, Adult Bible Fellowships are designed to provide prayer and care for those with burdens of any variety. Christians are called to “love one another”. ABFs organize for it.

Here’s what our ABFs will be focusing on when they resume on Sunday, March 20…

FELLOWSHIP 13 (20’s – 30’s)
9:00 AM / Room 174
We are examining the weeks leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of the God-Man, Jesus Christ. Travel with us through the gospel of John.

9:00 AM / Room 172
Join us for a series of Elder interviews discovering the hearts and exploring the minds of our elder team, the men in our midst who serve us by leading.

KOINONIA (Cross-generational)
9:00 AM / Banquet Room
We are answering the question, “What is a healthy church?” Explore with us the timeless biblical principles which differentiate healthy churches from others.

ACTS 2:42 (Cross-generational)
9:00 AM / Room 171
The book of Psalms was the hymnal of the Jewish people and can serve as a prayer and praise tutorial for the church. Consider the Psalms with us, specifically those which were referenced by New Testament authors.

SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES (Cross-generational)
9:00 AM / Room 170
Deuteronomy is a solemn call to love and obey the one true God. Examine with us Moses’ retelling of the teachings and events of the wilderness wanderings. Search the Scriptures is an in-depth Bible study requiring daily preparation throughout the week.

BUILDERS (50’S & up)
10:30 AM / Room 171
A call for peace and justice could be a headline in today’s news. We will look at how the prophet Micah addresses these issues as God’s spokesperson to Israel.

CROSSROADS (70’s & up)
10:30 AM / Room 126
Why do bad things happen to good people? How can suffering be consistent with an all-powerful and all-loving God? Join us as we study the life of Job.

Contact Pastor Traig by e-mailing [email protected] if you would feel more comfortable about visiting an ABF if you were someone’s guest.  He would be happy to connect you with someone who is already actively involved.  See you March 20!