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Below are four episodes of our Facebook Live prayer times which cover the issue of vaccination for COVID-19.  These are intended to help you make informed decisions about the COVID-19 vaccines, but please note that these are not spelling out a church “position” on the vaccines.  Our study of this issue brought into sharp reality the wonder of Christ’s incarnation, and these prayer times reflect the Advent season’s joy that Jesus came as a truly human being into our world.

Part One

Creation and the fall, the role of science, and an introduction to vaccines.

Part Two

How vaccines work, the history of vaccination, and a common but wrong objection to vaccination.

Part Three

Genetic modification, digital ID markers, and abortion—ethical and prophetic concerns about the COVID-19 vaccines are addressed here.

Part Four

Who should get the vaccine? What about compulsory vaccination? What should we think when we hear various conspiracy theories? Should we do nothing and trust God’s sovereignty?

Additional Resources

The Lozier Institute webpage (referenced in Part Three) identifies various COVID vaccine projects and the use of electively aborted human fetuses. Some of the programs are quite problematic. Most of them are not.

Lozier Institute Webpage